Friday, July 13, 2012

| Now | Liz Magic Laser at Family Business

Seven performers will have 24 hours to dramatize the headlines from the Friday the 13th, 2012 edition of The New York Times. 

Liz Magic Laser stages a Living Newspaper this Friday, July 13th at 6:30pm, at Family Business, 520 W 21st ST, curated by Le Dictateur.

Laser’s new series of Living Newspaper performances dramatize the daily news as it is issued to a live audience. This project builds on her Performa 11 commission, I Feel Your Pain (2011), and will include live and web-based programs produced in association with Performa. 

Events will take place in various venues in New York City with the collaboration of performers Jonathan Joel Brennan, Audrey Crabtree, Annie Fox, Frederic Nwaha Lindjeck, Liz Micek, Jeff Seal, Michael Wiener, and Lia Woertendyke among others. Other collaborators include Producer: David Guinan, Director of Polemic Media; Journalistic Dramaturge: Roman Léandre Schmidt of Courrier International; Resident Playwright: Hanna Novak; Costume Advisor: Zuzka Kurtz; Production Assistant: Moriah Askenaizer; Project Advisor: RoseLee Goldberg.

Living Newspaper headquarters have been established at Forever & Today, Inc., for Liz Magic Laser’s 2012 Studio On The Street artist residency, from July 1–August 31, 2012 at 141 Division Street, New York City (open by appointment or chance drop in). 

Laser’s residency was selected by Ingrid Chu and Savannah Gorton, Co-Directors and Curators at Forever & Today, Inc. with Sara Reisman, the 2012/13 Guest Curator. Using the set design and methodologies associated with a news bureau as a functional backdrop, Laser has transformed the Lower East Side storefront into a “situation room.” She is stationed like an anchorwoman at her desk against a background of multiple monitors that emit daily news feeds alongside video footage from her recent news-based performances. Laser will process the daily news as she develops a new series of performances based on the Living Newspaper theatrical form. The Living Newspaper is a type of agitprop street theater that originated in the early days of the Soviet Union. In America the Living Newspaper form was adapted for the stage by the Federal Theatre Project under the 1930’s Works Progress Administration. Details on other Living Newspaper events will be released in the coming weeks.