Monday, July 2, 2012

| Hero | Ode to Raf Simons

© Raf Simons by Jil Sander

a note from the founder ...

Today Mr. Raf Simons takes the helm of Christian Dior . He will present his first collection for the house in Paris - a couture collection.

I have been working professionally and independently for a decade , but dreaming up designs since I was four years old. 

Because Raf exists, it makes me want to be a better designer. Raf makes me remember what it means to be good. 

He sets forth an example that demands more , because he expects more. 

More exact. 

More pure. 

More vision.

In the midst of our busy times : our new studio, our new work and ushering in ten years worth of Slow and Steady Wins the Race philosophies ... today I pause to look and welcome Raf's next wave of brilliance. 

Mr. Simons, thank you. 

- Slow and Steady Wins the Race