Tuesday, July 10, 2012

| 10 On | Hold strong

by Hiroshi Sugimoto

Slow and Steady Wins the 

A note to our customers, an update to our manifesto.

   In celebration of our 10 years… 

The ultimate goal of each of our designs is to be simple and smart, relevant and honest, beautiful and direct; and to withstand time.

To be both timely and timeless. 

To honor that, starting today, we are going to hold strong on our prices for our online store. (You can still shop the rare inventory sales when they occur in our homebase of New York City. )

Sometimes the simplest things are the most complex to arrive at. The greatest amount of energy from us goes into achieving that for you. For example, brilliant electronic devices or excellent organic chocolate and produce -- they don’t go on sale.
They are staples. They are authentic. They answer our needs wonderfully. 

The Slow and Steady Wins the Race studio strives to make our designs with that philosophy in mind. In return, we are working towards higher quality, conceptual uniqueness, and most importantly,  better service

To quote Charles and Ray Eames, the goal is to provide “The Best for the Most for the Least".

10 onwards. 

With thanks,
Slow and Steady Wins the