Saturday, June 16, 2012

| Testimonials | In Honor of 10 Years of SSWTR

In honor of 10 years and marching forward, we asked friends and fans to contribute a few words... Thanks for being a part of it and stay tuned for things to come!

photo by Artin Yip

My favorite Slow and steady items -
  • Wedge sandal (higher heel version- ha! I know I have one of the couple versions that where made but they are so awesome!)
  • Black silk T- sophisticated and perfect for almost every outfit- I wear it to interviews with a blazer or with jeans out.)
  • Kraft carrier (I will be able to purchase one soon hopefully!)
  • Bodega Bag Leather
  • Time Piece necklace
  • 4 Sided rectangular bag- I use this bag when I wanna look like a power bitch- its large and in charge but with smart and artistic design- LOVE
Slow and Steady has always been for me, smart and simple.  All items became basics that I wouldn't want to live without.  The collections will never go out of style and I LOVE that idea. Too many trendy items these days.

Yeah! Slow and steady!

- Genevieve Clifford