Saturday, February 25, 2012

| Now | Amy and Wendy Yao's Art Swap Meet (with friends Lisa Jo, Rob Halverson, Dean Spunt and Beth Houfek, Travis Boyer and more!)!)

Saturday, February 25, 2012, 8 am - 2 pm
Sky Village Swap Meet
7028 Theatre Road, Yucca Valley

Join High Desert Test Sites for the 6th edition of Amy & Wendy Yao's Art Swapmeet - loads of artwork at bargain prices in the middle of the Sky Village Swap Meet, one of the best shopping environments known to mankind and home to Bob Carr’s Crystal Cave.  Come early, and don't forget to bring cash!
Featuring booths by:
Green Gallery (Milwaukee), Art Swapmeet Editions, Two Serious Ladies w/ Anna Sew Hoy and Eve Fowler (LA)Nik Gambaroff (NY)Lisa Jo (NY)Rob Halverson/ C-O-O-L A-R-T (Portland), Wendy Yao (LA), Tobias Madison (Switzerland)Amy YaoDavid Benjamin Sherry (NY)Eric Wesley (LA)Sara Clendening (LA)Marlous Borm (Amsterdam)Max Krivitzky (LA), A2Z video (LA), Travis Boyer (NY), castillo/corrales (Paris), KCHUNG (LA), THEFT w/Alaina Claire Feldman and Caitlyn Amundson (NY), Desiree Klein (LA), Sara Deraedt (Vienna), Cooper Jacoby (LA), CLUB NUTZ w/ Tyson Reeder & Josh Kline (NY), R. Kelly NIGHTKLUB w/ Laura Owens & Edgar Bryan (LA), Christine Wang (LA), Dean Spunt & Beth Houfek (LA), Rochelle Goldberg (Canada), Students from the Mountain School of Arts: Thora Dolven Balke (Norway), Laurent Dupont-Garitte (Brussels), Ryan Fabel (LA), Sean Fabi (LA), Clara Chapin Hess (NY), Merideth Hillbrand (LA), Anna Hrund (Iceland), Michael Kent (Glasgow), Katherine McLeod (NY), Rebecca Stephany (Amsterdam), Justin Swinburne (LA), Melanie Velarde (Berlin), Hanni Fox (LA), Galina Peters (LA), Axel Petersen (Sweden) ...and more...