Sunday, February 19, 2012

| N | For Name

Naming your [insert here] is not always crucial to its success but it most definitely precedes it. Slow and Steady Wins the Race was incepted in 2002; it's name originating from the song of the same name. 
All the way to grandma's house I stayed on the narrow path 
But my brother wandered off 
Deep into the woods 
Bitten twice by rattle snakes 
Tangled up in poison oak 
He fell down and broke his legs 
Into a great ravine 
When I arrived at grandma's house She made us tea and cake She asked me where my brother was I said I don't know and ate 
When I get to heaven I'll be greeted warmly Surrounded by angels As jesus takes my hand I'll receive a mansion On the river jordan And a crown of diamonds For a race well run  
I won't ever lock my doors I will trust my neighbors Confident that they deserve To be there in heaven, too