Monday, February 13, 2012

| H | For Hardy

In 2009 Slow and Steady collaborated with Stand Up Comedy to make a rainwear collection,  a simple catalogue of staples inspired by  Portland's rainy weather. The Hardy Poncho was inspired by Hardy Falls.

Hardy Falls is one of two major falls on Hardy Creek, the major watershed on the south side of Hamilton Mountain. Most hikers will view the falls from a viewpoint on a short path off the Hamilton Mountain Trail. The spur drops about 30 feet of elevation to a nice spot lined by a rustic wooded fence. The view of the falls is somewhat limited, especially in the summer when the volume is low and the foliage is thicker. (Resist the temptation to hop the fence to try to get a better view. The drop down to the creek-bed is steep with loose rock and filthy with blackberry bushes!) The turnoff from the main trail should be obvious, but you know you've passed it when you see a sign for Pool of the Winds or begin to approach a long footbridge. [source]