Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Store Profile : Kiosk

Five items that would be on their Ultimate Wish List:

1. An apartment in New York City with a decent landlord that we can live in for as long as we like and we can afford.
2. A vegetable garden where everything grows with ease and a compost for the waste.
3. $10,000 a month (or more!) to give to the charities of our choice
4. A meeting and conversation with Paul Glover, Timothy Geithner and other economic thinkers, both alternative and mainstream, where we devise and implement a new, local, community driven bank together, that is fully endorsed and supported by the US Government and that encourages saving, supports the community with fair loans and mortgages and reinvests all profits into social causes for the greater good, etc etc...
5. Last and not nearly least, PEACE
6. If I might add would be this list not sounding like a total pipe dream....

About Kiosk:

We offer a curated range of products from all over the world in an exhibition format. Everything is sourced during our travels; we build our collections while away and then feature what we find at KIOSK for 4 - 6 months. Our current show is INDIA, in addition we also have an “Ongoing” collection of objects from previous exhibitions.

KIOSK is a travel story depicted through objects, a collection of interesting things from around the world, a study of material culture, a shop, several people's efforts to preserve unique and indigenous objects, an installation, maybe just something other than what we are used to. At KIOSK we feature the things that generally go unnoticed, products that are the result of local aesthetics and needs. Our motivation is to give attention to these anonymous objects and support independent producers. Hopefully what we share encourages you to go out and meet and talk and learn and see and show.

KIOSK is not static. We are not able to predict our stock as it is decided by each trip. Sometimes certain goods are only offered on a very limited basis. There is always a mix of things. We hope the objects assembled together create a rough portrait of each location and tell about a place and it’s people.