Sunday, January 2, 2011



BEIJING, China [December, 2010]-- Nouveau Riche* is a pop-up store opening in Beijing’s Sanlitun Village South from January 5 – February 5, 2011. The store is a collaboration between Shumeng Ye, a Chinese Finnish designer, and a group of her friends from China and abroad, including local brand TheThing.

“Nouveau Riche aims to bring a new experience to the market, one that is about being open to new ideas and challenging the status quo,” says Ye. The pop-up was created with the belief that Nouveau Riche is a platform for fresh ideas, and the people who appreciate them. It is meant to compliment the growing energy among Chinese youth.

Nouveau Riche will feature an affordable mini-collection of unique items inspired by local Chinese elements, created exclusively for the pop-up. The store will also host a selection of Slow and Steady Win the Race, the NYC-based conceptual clothing and accessory line. Also available is the Native Fitzsimmons boots from Native brand.

A soft opening for special guests and press will take place on January 5th from 6pm until 8pm; followed by a grand opening for the general public until 10pm. Be sure to visit Nouveau Riche at and follow Nouveau Riche news on Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo for updates.

*Nouveau Riche refers to a new, emerging class of people, practices and ideas.