Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Store Profile: Stand Up Comedy

Slow and Steady Wins the Race blog's weekly feature SATURDAY STORE PROFILE, takes a look at some of our favorite stores and the people behind them. This week we're featuring STAND UP COMEDY in Portland.

Stand Up Comedy is a shop for clothing, print matter, and objects. Its interest lies in content as a form of inquiry, rather than as aesthetic. Its method is one of decentering. Its structure is made up of default rules. Its output is variable and relational. Its name is reference to a strategy for looking at the world we live in now. We asked them for five items that would be on their Ultimate Wish List:

Ultimate Five Wish List (bring these characters back to American Prime Time):

1) Roseanne Connor, "Roseanne Barr," Roseanne (formerly ABC, re-runs on Nickelodeon (first
six seasons only))

2) Rory Gilmore "Alexis Bledel," The Gilmore Girls (formerly CW, re-runs on ABC Family)

3) Amy Gardner "Mary-Louise Parker," The West Wing (formerly NBC, re-runs on Bravo)

4) Dana Whitaker "Felicity Huffman," Sports Night (formerly ABC, re-runs on Comedy

5) Angela Bower "Judith Light," Who's The Boss (formerly ABC, re-runs on TBS, Nickelodeon,
ABC Family)

5.1) Tami Taylor "Connie Britton," Friday Night Lights (formerly NBC, now Direct TV, soon to be canceled)

With: Bless, Roma Publications, Cosmic Wonder Light Source, Oslo Editions, SSWTR, Casco,
Ann-Sofie Back, Stephan Schneider, Maison Martin Margiela, Specter Press, Kunstverein

Stand Up Comedy
811 E. Burnside Street
Portland, Oregon 97214
t: +1 503 233 3382
f: +1 503 232 0200