Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Store Profile: Tokyu Hands

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Tokyu Hands can best be described by western standards as a cross between Neiman Marcus and Home Depot. Established in 1976. It currently operates 20 department store and 10 specialty store branches in Japan’s large urban areas and major regional cities.


In Japan, Tokyu Hands has built up an excellent reputation as a place where “when you visit, you find what you want,” and it invariably obtains high rankings in retail and service reputation surveys as a brand with an advanced and original image.

The larger Tokyu Hands branches stock a range of approximately 30,000 items. From basic products that support the foundations of the customer’s life to products that provide pleasure and enrichment, Tokyu Hands handles a wide variety of merchandise that meets diversified customer demands. The company also realizes its retail stores as places of entertainment that customers want to visit again and again by staging events that overflow with a live feeling. On top of this, Tokyu Hands is extremely popular due to the excellence of its staff, who have a thorough knowledge of the merits of each product and are able to give precise advice to customers.

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