Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Item of the Week: mypressi TWIST

image from mypressi.com

from cnet.com
If you need an espresso to start your day, Espressi had you in mind when the company designed the Mypressi Twist. The Mypressi Twist is a portable espresso maker that ensures you have a fresh espresso any time you want one, without having to lug around a full-size espresso machine. To use it, you place fresh espresso or an ESE pod in the holder, add water, and pull your shot. The Mypressi Twist uses a pressurized cylinder, rather than pumping, to power a shot through the extraction cycle with constant pressure. The CO2 cartridge used to create that pressure will last for approximately eight shots of espresso. After that, you'll need to swap in a new cartridge. The Mypressi Twist does not need any external power.

for more info visit mypressi.com