Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Store Profile: Creatures of Comfort

Introducing Slow and Steady Wins the Race blog's new weekly feature SATURDAY STORE PROFILE, where we'll take a look at some our favorite stores and the people behind them. We are happy to debut this series with Jade Lai's fantastic new Soho branch of her CREATURES OF COMFORT store.

We asked owner Jade Lai for five items that would be on her Ultimate Wish List. She gave us eight! We definitely don't mind. Check out her happiness inducing list:

1. BLESS fur hammock. I know, so random, but whats better than a soft swinging cocoon that hugs you, keeps you warm and fun to touch. Its like cuddling a werewolf. You want to get on now too, right?!

2. A canopied Moroccan lounging area with piles of overlapping rugs, beautiful cushions, puffs, silver platters, sweet mint tea and rose water in my new living room.

3. Dark walnut herringbone floors.

4. A space-time continuum doorway that takes me immediately to another part of the world without having to deal with airplane/ airport. ( So I get to see my family whenever I want to.)

5. Weekly themed dinner parties.

6. The perfectly fitted school boy navy wool blazer.

7. Fearlessness.

8. Butterflies...


Creatures of Comfort owner, Jade Lai, is a true tastemaker, seeking out exclusive international and local avant garde labels such as Stine Goya and Bless, and to pair with cool fashion mainstays such as APC, Acne, and Zucca. Jade Lai’s original selection at Creatures of Comfort is a modern mix of playful and bold side-by-side with pared-down timeless basics.

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photos courtesy of Creatures of Comfort