Friday, October 29, 2010

Saturday Store Profile: ALBERTINE

Slow and Steady Wins the Race blog's weekly feature SATURDAY STORE PROFILE, takes a look at some of our favorite stores and the people behind them. This week we're featuring Kyung Lee and her West Village shop ALBERTINE.

We asked Kyung for five items that would be on her Ultimate Wish List. She gave us 6 via text message:
1. First spend six months in Paris! And have close friends visit me. I would love to get an attic apartment like the one Audrey Hepburn had in the movie Sabrina while she was going to pastry school--and let's throw that culinary class in there too!

2. To plant a thousand trees in our family burial ground. My dad has planted a couple of thousand already. I would love to add to that.

3. A cheese of the month club...Murrays. They send you new cheeses every month to try.

4. Also, I would love Vitsoe bookshelves. I love their simplicity and that they're totally detachable so if we move, we take it with us.

5. On the vain side, a classic: Maxi cream vintage Chanel bag would be sweet!!!!

6. Finally since Paul and I have never been to Scotland, we would love to take a scotch distillery tour and stay at a humongous castle by the ocean.

About Kyung Lee and Albertine
In 2003, Kyung Lee opened her first store – Albertine – featuring talented, young designers in need of showcasing their work.

Since then, she has been devoted to creating a home for smaller brands – a place for people to spend time, discover exciting designers, and get fashion advice in an intimate environment. Albertine has become a destination for finding timeless, beautiful clothing and objects, as well as the place to go for unique gifts.

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