Saturday, September 18, 2010

AHA !!

A few months ago, our old friend, editor Lauren David Peden asked us to make something special for the new luxury site AHALIFE, worth checking out for a new point of view... we hope you think so too.

Check it out today... only four available.
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Thinking Outside the Bag

The upside of a classic bag: It’s safe. The downside of a classic bag: It’s safe. What to do when you want to be correct but not boringly so? Go with this tongue-in-chic interpretation of the classic saddlebag by New York-based Slow and Steady Wins the Race, the cult favorite line among fashion insiders everywhere. At first glance, the bag—a limited-run of only four units—is fairly conventional. But look closely and the idiosyncrasies reveal themselves. This special-edition bag, available online only at AHAlife, is four-sided for extra roominess—perfect for long trips or any stylish weekend jaunt—and is half black and half caramel, for a two-in-one effect. Cheeky yet ladylike—just like you, no?