Thursday, August 19, 2010

Giving Thanks, 303 Gallery Staff Group Show

( top to bottom ) Collier Schorr, Noah Rappaport, Carlos Quirarte, Simone Montemurno


August 19 - September 3 2010

303 Gallery is pleased to present its first ever Staff Group show entitled, "Closed for Installation". Referencing the ubiquitous term found on gallery windows across Chelsea, this show displays works by staff members past and present throughout the Gallery's 26-year history. Until now, the identities and efforts of these staff members have been shrouded in mystery behind the large sheets of glassine. This "for us, by us" exhibition has provided an opportunity to curate and show the works of artists who have worked, and continue to work within the walls of Chelsea's gallery world.

Staff members spend their time inside the gallery inhabiting one of many professional selves. Amongst the myriad of talents of these 303 residents are their art careers. Alumni have gone on to open eponymous art enterprises and launch commercially successful art careers. Works range from sculptural photography (c-print with pins), to ethereal landscapes (detailed mark-making on paper), to gallery artifacts (303's early 90s in-house produced magazine). This show provides a familiar space for our esteemed colleagues' artistic self-proclamations and talents.

Participating artists include: John Berens, Kurt Brondo, Gavin Brown, Walt Cassidy,Brian Doyle, Drug Money Art, Katy Erdman, Brian Faucette, Charlotte Fox, Simon Greenberg, Liam Everett, Marysia Gacek, Christian Heidsieck, Kim Lane, Erik Lindman, Jim Mattei, Simone Montemurno, Peter Owsiany, Marlo Pascual, Carlos Quirarte, Noam Rappaport, Mike Rollins, Bryan Savitz, Collier Schorr, Caroline Shepard, Lauren Seiden, Lisa Spellman, Amy Wenzel.

Special thanks to Lisa Spellman and Mari Spirito for making this show possible.