Friday, July 23, 2010

10 Things You Would Put in a Time Capsule by No Age

photo by Todd Cole

Slow and Steady Wins the Race has
always addressed the issue of time by proposing ideas that balance the timely with the timeless.

For our blog we asked friends, family and other people we admire to share with us what they would put in a time capsule.

To kickoff a special summer music edition of this for fridays, we are proud to begin with No Age.

No Age is Dean Spunt and Randy Randall. They live in Los Angeles, Ca. No Age formed in 2005 and has released music on PPM, Youth Attack, Upset the Rhythm, Teenage Teardrops, Fat Cat and Sub Pop. They’ve toured the globe playing venues ranging from cramped basements to the MoMA. Their creative output spans multiple formats through collaborations with Altamont Apparel, Rodarte, Cinefamily and Hand Held Heart which resulted in a 2008 Grammy Nomination for Best Recording Packaging. No Age will release their second full length LP Everything in Between on Sept 28, 2010.

10 Things You Would Put in a Time Capsule

1. Kale

2. Freedom

3. SKINHEAD by Richard Allen

4. Danka 7200 Copy Machine

5. Sincerity

6. ANP Quarterly

7. Himalayan salt lamp

8. Shigenobu Twilight

9. BRAGG Liquid Aminos

10. Boss SP-505

These days, Dean is listening to SFV Acid.