Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Upcoming events: gallery show in Melbourne Australia

Too Much of Everything, Melbourne Australia July 16 2009

"We have been invited to coordinate an exhibition in Melbourne Australia later this year (July 16 -25) and we would like to invite Slow and Steady Wins the Race to contribute. The exhibition titled Too Much of Everything is part of an annual design festival called State of Design. We have asked a group of Melbourne based artists whose work is in some way or another, informed by this broad idea of ‘design’ (with all of its socio political implications), as well a selection of more internationally known artists and designers, which at this point already includes Berlin based photographer Heinz Peter Knes and Berlin/Paris duo Bless.

For us, Slow and Steady Wins the Race presents an interesting proposition in relation to the designated roles of fashion producer and fashion consumer. We have selected a group or artists/designers that all experiment with the protocols of production, that freely expropriate the visual language, cultural codes, and functionalities typically designated by the more established categories of ‘design’ (fashion design, graphic design, product design, architecture etc.), identifying a unique position from which to interrupt (however momentarily) or interject themselves into this particular (over) flow of cultural production. We’re interested in the discourse that can emerge from traversing different activities, what can be said and what can be done with this. "
—Kain and Fiona

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